Aquilant Endoscopy launches Meditalia’s ITAFlex range into UK and Ireland


Meditalia selects Aquilant Endoscopy as sole distributor for ITAflex range of endoscopic accessories

Aquilant Endoscopy has joined forces with Meditalia, a specialist in the manufacture of accessories for flexible endoscopy, as the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for its Itaflex range.

The range, to be launched at the British Society of Gastroenterology meeting in June, will enhance Aquilant’s existing portfolio and enable clinicians to take advantage of an increased suite of endoscopic products and services.

The Itaflex range includes:

  • Netis: Disposable rotatable loop nets, which feature a large net for the retrieval of sizeable foreign objects. Each loop net preserves the morphology of specimens during extraction, and assists with rapid retrieval as visibility is enhanced through the transparent net material
  • Clipy: Rotatable clip applicators for easy, safe and rapid clip application. Available in various clip sizes, the toothed jaw facilitates an improved grip after clamping
  • Viper and DiaNet: Multi-action catheters for use during polypectomy procedures. Combinations include: snare and loop net, snare and grasper and snare and needle. These multi-action catheters enable the clinician to maintain position in the lumen without needing to withdraw the instrument to introduce a new one
  • GI Mark: Endoscopic tattoo ink

“We are very pleased to announce the launch of the Itaflex range of endoscopic accessories, which brings an innovative and effective range of new products to the UK and Irish markets”, said Mat Tallis, business unit manager for Aquilant Endoscopy.

“As a business we are constantly looking to introduce innovative products that help endoscopists to improve patient outcomes. Overall, this is an exciting new partnership for Aquilant Endoscopy with a great future ahead.”

Claudio Salerno, managing director at Meditalia, added: “Due to the competitive nature of our industry, we knew we needed to find an organisation that not only has a proven track record, but could also demonstrate existing strong relationships with clinicians throughout the UK and Irish markets. We are confident our partnership with Aquilant Endoscopy will be successful for both organisations.”

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