Bostik cures Hope Health Centre’s flooring requirements


A range of subfloor preparation and adhesive products chosen for development of new Welsh health centre

A range of subfloor preparation and adhesive products from Bostik have been chosen by OSS Commercial Flooring for the development of a new health centre in Flintshire, North-West Wales.

Castlemead Group was taken on as the main contractor for the centre’s two-story development, sub cobntracting the 1,300sq m of flooring required.

Following a technical survey by Bostik, OSS Commercial Flooring selected the company’s Screedmaster One Coat Membrane to protect the new floor coverings from subfloor moisture.

Bostik’s Screedmaster Universal Primer was then applied to the surface membrane before the Screedmaster Flow and Ultimate smoothing compounds were floated out to a 3mm thickness in various areas of the development.

Bostik’s Laybond Pressure Sensitive adhesive was then used to adhere the vinyl floor coverings.

Technical support

As it was running throughout the winter months, the project provided OSS with some challenging working conditions.

Bostik’s wide product and service offering, including analytical support and on-site testing, was therefore a key driver in winning the project. The company’s technical team conducted a site visit, including moisture testing, prior to the installation of the new floor. This indicated that moisture levels in the screed were well above 75% relative humidity, so the use of a surface damp-proof membrane (DPM) was recommended.

Under-floor heating was present on both levels of the development, which made the testing more complex.

James Stacey, floor layer for OSS, said: “Bostik’s advice to use a surface DPM meant we could suppress the residual moisture quickly. This allowed us to install the vinyl floor coverings throughout the new building, safe in the knowledge that moisture would not be able to compromise their performance.”

When the Screedmaster One Coat Membrane had cured, a uniform coating of Screedmaster Universal Primer was applied to enhance interaction between the subfloor and the smoothing compound.

“Screedmaster Flow was deemed the most-appropriate smoothing compound in the large reception area because of its excellent workability and flow characteristics, which made it quick and easy to use,” said Stacey.

“In other areas we used Screedmaster Ultimate, which has exceptional curing characteristics, meaning we had a high-quality finish throughout on which to bond the vinyl floor coverings.

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“Bostik’s Laybond Pressure Sensitive adhesive was then chosen to bond the vinyl floor coverings because of its high level of tack and flexible open time.”

Bostik cures Hope Health Centre’s flooring requirements