Case study: Value, innovation and choice from NHS Supply Chain’s Office Solutions framework


Exploring the benefits of the Office Solutions framework

NHS Supply Chain works closely with its awarded suppliers to create contracts that offer trusts cash-releasing savings and innovative products delivered in a sustainable way.

The Office Solutions framework has been developed to allow new and ground-breaking products to be introduced throughout its term. This means that trusts can rely on NHS Supply Chain to offer some of the most-innovative products available on the market.

Here are just a few of the recent innovations that have been introduced, many of which complement Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt’s measures to increase transparency on hospital wards in light of the Mid Staffordshire Inquiry and the Francis Report recommendations.


Aim: Every hospital patient to have the names of a responsible consultant and nurse above their bed

Solution: Magnetic Patient Bed Panel Packs from Supplies Team

The patient panel allows patient names and those of their responsible consultant and nurse to be displayed clearly above the patients bed together with any special instructions. The board is available as a dry-wipe panel with magnetic strips to easily update diet, mobility and safety instructions.

“Many hospitals across the UK approached us to provide these simple, clear and easy-to-update boards,” says Debbie Smith, general and sales manager of Visual Systems.

“The design is in specific response to government measures. Each patient with one of these by their beds will feel confident of who is in charge of their care at all times.”

Aim: Transparent reporting of ward-by-ward staffing levels

Solution: Staff Hotboards from Supplies Team

Designed to display on-duty staff to hospital patients and visitors. Photos of hospital staff are displayed on the boards, available with either 15,20,30 or 50 pockets, together with job titles. The photos can be easily changed and the board is also treated to ensure infection control and is available with security covers.

White goods

Procurement specialists may already know that more than 28,000 products are available through the Office Solutions framework from NHS Supply Chain. But did you know that you can order almost any item that can be found in an office workplace? This includes the likes of dishwashers and fridges alongside such everyday items as pens and paper.

Traditionally bought from high-street retail stores, office white goods can now be ordered through NHS Supply Chain. All appliances come with a two-year parts and labour commercial warranty which is essential for covering all domestic appliances used on commercial premises. This is a distinctive benefit, not readily available on the market,that NHS Supply Chain has included in its pricing.

Cash-releasing savings

In today’s tough financial environment, finding cash efficiencies is a high priority. One highlight of the Office Solutions contract comes from Hewlett Packard. It is offering a range of printer cartridges called the 'C' range, which are not widely available in the market. This product is the same as the original version, but is packaged in plain white boxes, so trusts can benefit from savings of up to 20% compared to standard Hewlett Packard printer cartridges, without switching brand or using remanufactured cartridges.