Gradus launches SureProtect Pure


Hygienic wall cladding system provides easy-to-clean solution

Gradus has launched SureProtect Pure, a smooth PVC-u wall cladding system designed as an easy-to-clean solution for areas where cleanliness is a priority.

SureProtect Pure is ideal for applications that must adhere to rigorous hygiene standards, such as hospitals and health centres.

The smooth surface is impervious to moisture and bacteria, and is therefore an ideal choice for providing a hygienic wall cladding solution in a wide range of applications.

This wall cladding system is suitable for use in healthcare environments, including operating theatres, clinical areas and treatment rooms.

The new range provides a durable and protective barrier that is resistant to impact damage, significantly reducing ongoing repair and maintenance costs, while also decreasing the likelihood of creating vulnerable points for water ingress.

Anna Conrad-Smith, marketing product manager for Gradus, added: “Smooth surfaces that are easy to clean and impervious to moisture are generally recommended in clinical areas. It is also important that the material is able to withstand rigorous cleaning schedules and is resistant to damage under impact.”

SureProtect Pure is available in a wide selection of colours, enabling architects and specifiers to create either a strong visual impact or subtly blend into the environment. The range consists of five pastel colour options with a soft satin finish, and 11 bright colours with a luxury, high-gloss finish. All 16 colour options have been measured for LRVs (light reflectance value) to ensure a 30-point difference can easily be achieved to help partially-sighted people.

A range of finishing options are available to choose from, depending on the application. Thermoformed corners and colour-matched welded joints is an excellent option when creating a seamless wall cladding system. A selection of trims are also available, or alternatively a colour-matched silicone sealant can be used in order to form an impervious seal.

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In addition, Gradus offers a range of specialist bathroom products that can be used in conjunction with SureProtect Pure when designing safe and accessible bathrooms.