Hinchingbrooke Hospital upgrades lighting systems


Improvements boost the environment, reduce energy costs, and enhance maintenance

Hinchingbrooke Hospital has upgraded its lighting system to enhance the environment and reduce energy costs.

The 304-bed general hospital in Huntingdon; and the adjoining Huntingdon Treatment Centre, treat more than 150,000 patients a year.

Recently, in order to maintain high standards of care, the lighting system was upgraded across the site, using Tamlite Lighting luminaires.

The hospital is managed by Kier Group, which recognised that a high-quality lighting system would deliver significant benefits in terms of energy efficiency, reduced maintenance costs, and an improved environment for both patients and staff.

The treatment rooms in hospital, such as the X-Ray rooms, dental rooms, and the plastic surgery room, were fitted with low-glare panels, ensuring patients are not dazzled as they look up at the ceiling while receiving treatment.

And corridors and wards were also fitted with panels, replacing the previous fluorescent tube fittings.

Hinchingbrooke Hospital upgrades lighting systems

Michael Dean, contract and technical services manager at Kier Group, said, “It was key that recessed panels were installed as these could be easily wiped down to prevent the spread of infection.

“The quality of illumination has also been significantly enhanced throughout the building.

“The previous fittings gave a low colour temperature and poor light distribution; and the shadowing and dull level of illumination created an unpleasant environment for patients.

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“The upgrade led to a brighter, more-comfortable patient experience, with a higher light output and colour temperature in the reception areas and entrance.”

Hinchingbrooke Hospital upgrades lighting systems

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