Launch of major new construction framework


Pagabo launches refit and refurbishment framework for public sector

Construction procurement specialist, Pagabo, has announced the launch of a major new Refit and Refurbishment Framework which will go live across the country on 1 March.

The framework will sit alongside its stable of public-sector construction-related frameworks and is aimed at extending the lifecycle of buildings with modern renovation and restoration capabilities, while benefitting construction businesses.

This easy-to-use system will yield the greatest environmental saving and connect contractors for the effective aims of modernisation, and includes the advantage of shorter development periods and cost-effective delivery of construction technology, design, quality, appearance and performance.

Pagabo chief executive, Simon Toplass, said: “Our clients will be able to convert buildings while keeping the same structure, improving and restoring their building by renovating or incorporating the very-latest in modern systems through retrofit.

“Environmental aspects, part of our wider social value contribution, is a key feature of this framework.

“Whenever a building is recycled, by opting for refurbishment a large amount of energy will be saved, avoiding the need to extract raw materials and convert them into a new building.”

The mechanics will be structured around five project value-based lots covering the full range of refit and refurbishment project types and taking in the UK in 12 regional areas including Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The five value-based lots will range from: Lot 1 – £250,000; Lot 2 – £1m; Lot 3 – £5m; Lot 4 – £15m; Lot 5 – £30m+.

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The framework includes shell and core, Category A & B refurbishment, internal refresh for occupied and non-occupied buildings, and Cut and Carve refurbishment for all structural and non-structural modifications.