Norfolk and Norwich trust introduces web-based patient safety and complaints management solution


DatixWeb incident management system offers a clear view of adverse incidents

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (NNUH) has upgraded to Datix web-based patient safety software.

The trust is taking advantage of the web-based capabilities of Datix to manage adverse incidents and complaints at the 1,000 bed Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and its sister organisation, Cromer and District Hospital, which treat more than 51,000 patients a year.

Judged among the best hospital trusts in England, NNUH met all the national standards required by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) at its most recent audit check and is keen to build on its reputation for the highest levels of patient care.

Kerrie Self, patient safety manager at NNUH, said: “We are totally committed to innovation and quality improvement and the use of the latest web-based version of Datix to accelerate our incident reporting. Through automation, Datix has improved our incident reporting process and is pivotal to our delivering an excellent patient experience.”

The new DatixWeb incident management system gives NNUH a clear view of what is happening on a daily basis. For example, every Monday morning the patient safety team uses Datix to review all the incidents that have been reported during the weekend. It gives access to the vital data needed to run an efficient healthcare operation productively and cost-effectively. At ward level, users can access the incidents that relate to them while, at a corporate level, managers can view incidents across both hospitals.

Since starting to use Datix, NNUH has seen an increase in both the number of incidents reported and the speed at which they are handled. The user-friendliness and immediacy of the system have resulted in speedy acceptance and adoption of the technology.

DatixWeb complaints software is used to respond promptly to complaints raised by patients and relatives. The software ensures that replies are sent on time, according to the timescale agreed with the patient. Information on complaints recorded in Datix is used to help identify areas where service and safety improvements can be made.

Since deploying the latest version of Datix, NNUH has noticed a series of benefits, most notably time savings, reduced errors and improved productivity including a 14-day turnaround for all investigations.

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Jonathan Hazan, chief executive of Datix, said: “Hospitals today are under great resource pressure and are looking for ways to build on their record of quality and safety to protect patients from avoidable harm. Datix has a 25-year heritage in the field of patient safety, and hospitals like NNUH can trust us to develop innovative solutions that inspire new ways of working. Our technology gives NNUH a strategic business tool that can help ensure that patient safety continues to be at the heart of the care it provides.”