Orion Health recognised for population health management technology


Global research organisation Frost and Sullivan praises Orion Health as 'visionary vendor' for its product leadership

Orion Health has been awarded the 2016 European Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Leadership in recognition of its pioneering approach to population health management (PHM), supporting its vision for delivering precision medicine. The award recognises companies for developing products with innovative features and functionality, which are gaining rapid acceptance in the market.

Global research and consulting organisation Frost & Sullivan recently conducted an analysis of the PHM solutions market and praised Orion Health for the 'unmatched reliability and quality' of its technology, compared with other electronic health record (EHR) vendors.

'While most EHR vendors focus on care coordination and patient engagement, Orion Health focuses on a host of factors ranging from data acquisition and aggregation to the adoption of PHM and consulting services,' said Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Srikanth Venkataraman. 'These functions are vital for change management among healthcare providers to facilitate shifts in roles and responsibilities.'

Orion Health’s Rhapsody integration engine achieves rapid interoperability between healthcare systems, connecting medication history, laboratory data and patient records to clinicians at the point of care, through all healthcare message formats and standards, including HL7 FHIR capabilities. The solution is currently live in a significant number of healthcare organisations across Europe.

'For healthcare organisations that choose to work with EHR vendors, Orion Health offers components that are usually missing from their portfolios,' noted Venkataraman. 'It is a visionary vendor that recognises that complete data standardisation is an unattainable goal and that its solutions need to work with different data types from a wide variety of sources.'

The PHM solution assessed by Frost & Sullivan includes Amadeus, Orion Health’s analytics platform, which enables predictive modelling that identifies and stratifies risks in a population and drives rapid decision-making. Data are fed into the care coordination solution, Coordinate, designed to develop personalised care plans that are most effective for different risk groups of patients.

Orion Health’s Engage, its patient engagement component, allows providers and payers to increase awareness among patients on the importance of being involved in healthier activities.

'Across Europe we are seeing demand for population health management, care coordination and outcome focused solutions that are being put in place to address healthcare priorities such as the management of long term conditions, care of the frail and elderly, and health and social care integration,' said Colin Henderson, VP EMEA Strategy and Solutions at Orion Health.

'Modern healthcare requires modern technology that can identify and prioritise patients’ needs at a population and individual level, to avoid unnecessary hospital admissions – and we believe we are at the forefront of this technology movement with our Amadeus platform, care coordination and patient engagement solutions that are intuitive to use and are based on open standards.'

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