Pennine trust opts for Fujifilm mobiles


Fairfield General and the Royal Oldham hospitals take delivery of low-dose, high-quality Fujifilm FDR Go mobile X-ray units

The latest hospitals to take delivery of the Fujifilm FDR Go mobile X-ray unit are Fairfield General in Bury and the Royal Oldham.

Both hospitals selected a C35 D-Evo II detector with Virtual Grid, and Oldham also added the smaller C24 detector for use in its neonatal department.

“We wanted a DR mobile that was intuitive, easy to manoeuvre, and small enough to fit into the single bed side rooms on our older wards” said Michele Mayes, radiology manager at Fairfield.

“The FDR Go fitted the bill perfectly and offered us everything we wanted from a digital mobile unit.

“In addition, we have recently ordered the Fujifilm Visionary Suite DR room, so selecting a Fujifilm mobile will allow for detector sharing.

“We have received lots of compliments on the improved image quality and our ward doctors are highly impressed with the new digital mobile and the fact that they can see their images immediately. In fact, they get quite disappointed if we arrive on ward with the CR mobile now.”

Oldham staff are impressed with the combination of excellent image quality with low dose that Virtual Grid delivers.

“The acquisitions produced by the FDR Go emit a low level of radiation, but give us optimum image quality,” said Kaye Brown, clinical department manager at the hospital.

“The unit has met all of our needs and will serve our patients well.

“The features such as Memory Mode will improve our efficiency when X-raying multiple patients on the same unit, for example on ITU or neonatal.”

Marcus Buckley, diagnostic radiographer at Fairfield, added: “I’ve used the FDR Go a few times now and I’m very impressed with the settings/algorithm used to demonstrate lines on chest radiographs. It’s incredibly clear.”

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