Process mining and visualisation tool from Perceptive Software


Technology helps to show how organisations can improve

Perceptive Software has launched the Perceptive Reflect process mining and visualisation tool.

The technology enables users to quickly visualise how applications and people are working in the business environment, and more importantly, identifying resource-wasting breakdowns.

By performing historical workflow visualisation and analysis, it can pinpoint bottlenecks and improve process transparency to support continuous process improvement.

“Perceptive Reflect makes processes transparent so you can address the true bottlenecks at a fundamental level, instead of spending your time trying to discover and define them,” said Darren Knipp, the company’s chief technology officer.

“The result is an accurate, objective picture of how things are really working, and, more importantly, objective data for future decision-making.

“All of our customers, across all sectors, are focused on doing more with less while still increasing customer satisfaction. Reflect provides them the ability to tune their processes precisely and achieve dramatic improvements rapidly.”

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Product functionality includes:

  • Visual representation and customisable presentation of processes activity including social network graphs
  • On-screen controls that can instantly select how much detail a process model should show
  • The ability to identify exceptions or unusual transactions outside normal business rules, supporting compliance
  • Filtering controls to focus on specific process data by personnel, departments, date ranges, or any other definable subset