Scaled-down model for paediatric tilt table procedures


Plinth 2000 launches electronic tilt table for those of smaller stature

The tilt table test is widely used to identify the causes of unexplained fainting spells and blackouts, known as syncope, by observing changes in the patient’s pulse and blood pressure when moving from lying down to standing up.

Syncope mainly affects younger people, with 15%-25% of children and adolescents reportedly experiencing at least one episode before adulthood. Indeed, paediatric syncope is estimated to account for as many as 3% of emergency department visits.

Available evidence suggests that a prolonged head-up tilt for 30-45 minutes at 60-70 degrees is optimal for provoking symptoms, so it is important that the patient feels totally secure, comfortable and relaxed. Thus, news that Plinth 2000 has launched an electronically-operated Paediatric Tilt Table, scaled for those of smaller stature with a 138cm (54¼ins) table length, should be welcomed by clinicians and their younger patients.

Lowering smoothly to wheelchair access height and featuring large toe-braked castors, divided legs, adjustable harnesses and grab handles, its four-button remote enables simultaneous control and fine adjustment of both height and tilt functions. It is priced from around £1,725 including mainland delivery.

In addition to paediatric syncope diagnosis, Plinth 2000’s new tilt table is ideal for a whole range of rehabilitation, assessment and examination procedures. The distinctive tilt table configuration is used in intensive care units to assist patients in standing with assistance; by ultrasound departments for positional scanning; for diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome and preventing osteoporosis through weight bearing; by physiotherapists for preventing muscle contraction and improving lower limb strength; and for the functional rehabilitation of injured and disabled patients. Techniques often combined with tilt table treatment also include upper limb exercises and deep breathing therapy.

With a fully-padded 138cm x 76cm platform, leg stabiliser panels, swing-back grab handles, divided leg and pommel assembly, thoracic, pelvic and knee straps, and an adjustable foot board, Plinth 2000’s Model 501P Paediatric Tilt Table has been designed with the younger, smaller patient very much in mind. Optional extras like a detachable neck support cushion and a tilting or regular work table add to patient comfort, during what is often an hour-long tilt table session.

Electric tilt adjustment is between 0 and 90 degrees, with an optional angle indicator for accurate positioning, and the working height can be adjusted up to 97cm, with a safe working load of 160kg accommodating most paediatric patients. Large 100mm diameter, braked castors provide for stability during treatment and ease of manoeuvrability. The height and tilt functions are electrically operated, with emergency battery back-up a further option.

The robust steel frame is polyurethane powder coated for durability and carries Plinth 2000’s unrivalled lifetime warranty, backed by a five-year parts guarantee. The foam padding is upholstered with flame-retardant, fully-washable vinyl upholstery, incorporating patented antimicrobial technology. A choice of fabric colours and the available of custom patterns to special order, means that a child-friendly look can be adopted for paediatric clinics and cubicles.

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The new paediatric model joins a comprehensive tilt table range, where Plinth 2000 has established itself as a market leader. In addition to a single-section adult model with a 185cm length, there is a 2-section design with adjustable back rest, a divided leg model providing individual harness security for the lower limbs, and a Bariatric Tilt Table with an extra-wide 80cm platform and 320kg safe working load, developed in association with the Colman NHS Hospital. Given the option of extended warranty cover and an average 16-year service life across the complete range, British-made Plinth 2000 tilt tables offer an excellent return on investment.