Schneider Electric launches Acti 9 iEM2100 range


Next generation in energy meters

Schneider Electric has launched the Acti 9 iEM2100 range of energy series meters for commercial, industrial and residential applications.

The Acti 9 iEM2100 series offer a cost-effective, and highly-competitive range of single-phase DIN rail-mounted energy meters ideal for both sub-billing and cost allocation. Combined with communication systems, like Smart Link, the new range of meters makes it easy to integrate electrical distribution measurements into customer’s energy management systems.

Whether a single-phase, simple kWh meter or full-feature, dual-tariff energy meter is required, the versatility of the iEM2100 series make it the best fit for all applications and it is available in MID and non MID references. The meters support both Modbus and M-bus protocols, allowing seamless integration into customers’ existing networks.

Key benefits of the Acti 9 iEM2100 series include:

  • Four quadrant measurement of active and reactive energy delivered and received provides a full view of both energy consumption and on-site generation
  • Real-time measurements (V, I, P, PF) give customers more detail on their energy usage
  • Multiple tariffs give customers the flexibility to match the billing structure of their utility
  • Seamless integration into existing customers’ networks
  • Easy to install for panel builders, easy to operate for end users

“The Acti 9 iEM2100 offers an inexpensive solution for optimising energy consumption and enabling energy efficient practices. It is the first step towards total energy management,” said Poonam Walid, category marketing manager at Schneider Electric.

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“The product was engineered with both the installer and end user in mind. For installers, it’s easy to fit and integrate the meters into existing networks. For the end users, it helps them make sense of their energy consumption so they can identify energy saving opportunities and save money.”