Sony enhances 4K medical workflow


First 4K surgical recorder opens new era for surgical workflow solutions

Sony Professional Europe is launching a Full 4K IP solution for hospitals, allowing them to take advantage of the latest imaging technologies.

The solution includes Sony’s new Medical 4K recorder and Content Management System, which together allow images to be viewed on-site, recorded, and managed over an Ethernet network.

The medical community continuously requires high-quality visualisation solutions to support medical operations and other medical procedures. The new solution offered by Sony offers a robust system over IP, which is capable of supporting high-precision surgical procedures for medical professionals.

Some of the highlights of the new equipment include:

HVO-4000MT Medical 4K Recorder

  • 4K, 3D and 2D medical grade video recorder
  • Offers ample long-time recording on its internal 4TB hard disk drive
  • Allows videos to be exported to an external USB hard drive, flash memory or CIFS server via hospital networks for storage
  • Designed to comply with medical safety standards and is optimised for medical applications
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CMDS-MS20MD Content Management System

  • Efficiently streamlines the storage, management and archive of 4K/HD medical video and still image files
  • Enables network-based searching and management of recorded 4K video data from medical 4K recorders
  • Integrates smoothly with modern hospital IT environments, including Electronic Medical Records
  • Complies with HIPAA, ensuring data is stored securely