Torbay PMU implements CI Precision Dispensary Management System


Installation improves quality compliance, reduces paper records and cuts risk of potential dispensing errors

CI Precision has recently completed a project to supply, install and validate its Ci-DMS Dispensary Management System in the central dispensary of the Torbay Pharmacy Manufacturing Unit (PMU) in Paignton in the UK.

The unit, part of the South Devon Healthcare NHS Trust, was established in 1980 and has traded under the name of South Devon Healthcare Pharmacy Manufacturing Unit since 1995. It is a dedicated manufacturing facility with a growing portfolio in excess of 200 products and more than 1400 customers across the UK and continental Europe.

When Phil Bendell, Manufacturing Services Manager, was planning to computerise his dispensary management his objective was to find a system that would improve quality compliance and reduce paper records.

‘Our requirement was for a comprehensive dispensary management system that would provide a record of ingredient usage,’ he explained. ‘We now have more complete records and a reduction in potential errors. Although the project’s aim was improving quality compliance and records rather than cost saving, we would need to avoid only one dispensing error to pay for the system.’

Torbay PMU manufactures both licensed pharmaceuticals and pharmaceutical Specials in its dedicated facilities; the sterile products consist mainly of parenterals in vials, ampoules and infusion containers, but also include sprays, eye drops and irrigations. Ci-DMS controls the weighing and dispensing of their pharmaceutical raw materials. It removes manual recording of weighings, reduces the need for a second check and improves compliance and traceability. ‘The reason why we chose Ci-DMS was because of CI Precision’s good reputation and the fact that the company operates independently of equipment suppliers,’ said Phil Bendell.

Production Pharmacist Rebecca Bell added: ‘One feature we particularly like is where ingredients are subject to potency calculations Ci-DMS provides actual dispensed weight and the equivalent weight of full potency materials. This is very useful when reviewing documentation.’

Quality drives Torbay PMU’s manufacturing process and the team knew that purchasing a system was only one step on the road to delivering the improvements required. Equally important was the need to successfully implement, operate and support the system.

‘We worked together with CI to install, configure and validate the system,’ explained Rebecca Smith, Validation Manager. ‘CI Precision’s Project Lifecycle Process was detailed and covered everything that was required.

‘This meant that at handover not only were our staff confident to operate the system but also had confidence in the performance of the system. We were given ‘user friendly’ support throughout the procurement process and the introduction of the system, and it was a pleasure to work with CI.’

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CI Precision is delighted to have been chosen by Torbay PMU and looks forward to supplying high quality support and maintenance services in line with current activities and future plans.