UK Renal Registry chooses InterSystems HealthShare


Solution to improve chronic kidney disease monitoring and reporting in Britain

InterSystems has announced that the UK Renal Registry has chosen InterSystems HealthShare as its new national health informatics platform, gathering data from 84 adult and paediatric renal units, plus satellite haemodialysis units on over 56,000 patients suffering from stage five chronic kidney disease (CKD).

HealthShare will allow the Renal Registry to collect near real-time information on patients, helping to improve standards of care across the country through greater data accuracy and more regular, consistent reporting on renal unit performance.

The registry provides an invaluable service, and HealthShare will support its goal to improve the quality of care for renal patients in Britain

The UK Renal Registry consolidates the collection and analysis of standardised data relating to the incidence, clinical management, and outcome of renal disease to ensure high levels of care at NHS renal units, measured against the standards set by the UK Renal Association. Previously, this information was gathered by disparate IT systems and fed into the UK Renal Registry on a quarterly basis, where it was manually validated, analysed and published in the registry’s annual report. However, with the implementation of HealthShare, the UK Renal Registry will now have a daily data feed which will reduce the need for human validation and achieve greater accuracy and consistency of reporting. The organisation will also be able to produce detailed quarterly reports, providing units with greater clarity on their performance; as well as more easily track and maintain individual patient records.

Using HealthShare, the registry will make it easier for clinicians to monitor patient treatment, enabling them to instantly access a patient’s renal data, even if they do not have an existing renal record at that particular treatment centre. This is particularly important for patients moving between transplant and dialysis units and those on holiday, as their treatment can be more accurately tracked and reported, reducing the risk of errors and unnecessary duplicate tests.

Ron Cullen, director at the UK Renal Registry, said: “The UK Renal Registry is a charitable organisation funded by the NHS and tasked with understanding the care chronic kidney disease patients receive. InterSystems’ international reputation and experience with strategic interoperability in healthcare means it is the ideal partner to update our informatics systems nationally and ready our service for the future.

“InterSystems HealthShare will allow us to gather more data, more accurately. The platform will also help us achieve our ambition to expand the registry to over one million CKD sufferers, which will include not just stage five patients, but also stages two to four. We also hope to use the platform to build new tools for clinicians and patients, such as a medicine reconciliation function, which will improve patient care as well as providing cost savings for the NHS.”

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Steve Garrington, vice president of international business at InterSystems, added: “We are delighted that the UK Renal Registry has chosen the InterSystems HealthShare health informatics platform to help clinicians capture, share, understand, and act upon their data in a more timely manner. The registry provides an invaluable service, and HealthShare will support its goal to improve the quality of care for renal patients in Britain.”