Whitepaper – A Board Director’s Guide to Budget Saving through creative procurement of waste management


GPT Waste unveils whitepaper offering guidance on waste management solutions and sustainable waste services

GPT Waste, the UK’s-largest independent provider of waste management solutions and sustainable waste services, today published a thought-provoking whitepaper - A Board Director’s Guide to Budget Saving through the creative procurement of waste management .

In today’s economic climate, business owners are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity for savings and cutbacks to be made within their organisations. However, many are unaware that choosing creative waste management solutions can lead to significant cost savings and add significantly to the bottom line.

The whitepaper suggests that by that bringing ‘waste management’ to the board room agenda organisations can unlock the potential of significant cost savings by changing the decision-making process for procuring waste services.

GPT Waste focuses on delivering improved waste management, coupled with major cost savings to customers throughout the UK through an education process. Their service enables clients across the UK to quickly see results and savings made once new waste management processes are implemented.

Commercial director, Tony Mottram, said: “Waste can be defined as a material, substance, or by-product, eliminated or discarded as no longer useful or required after the completion of a process. Put more simply, it’s a cost to the business in the pursuit of profit.

Waste management is not an option; it is a mandatory and regulated process for business. But who makes the procurement decision? Quite often, it’s not at board level and that’s why every day UK businesses are literally throwing away profit due to the waste they produce and how they handle that waste. Many businesses are unaware of how significantly this impacts on their bottom line and others just don’t know how to make better use of their resources.”

To find out how your organisation could make significant savings through creative waste management, download the whitepaper by clicking here.

GPT Waste is urging board directors to consider the following questions when looking at the organisation’s waste management strategy:

  • What is the true cost of your waste?
  • How can you prevent any of this waste?
  • Is there a robust process in place to divert waste from costly landfill disposal?
  • How can you or your waste contractor(s) help you to elevate your waste on the waste hierarchy scale?

Tony Mottram is the commercial director from GPT Waste Management. Connect with Tony on LinkedIn by clicking here.

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